Grades & Katas

Our belt system adopts the following grades:

White belt (novice)
Orange belt (9th kyu)
Red belt (8th kyu)
Yellow belt (7th kyu)
Green belt (6th kyu)
Purple belt (5th kyu)
Purple belt with 1 white stripe (4th kyu)
Brown belt (3rd kyu)
Brown belt with 1 white stripe (2nd kyu)
Brown belt with 2 white stripes (1 kyu)
Black belt

Gradings are conducted by a senior KUGB instructor and occur approximately every 6 months.  Along with reaching the required standard and regular attendance, a Karate gi  (suit) is necessary for grading.

There are 26 kata in Shotokan karate.  The smaller selection listed below are most of the Shotokan katas practised until black belt level.

  • Kihon kata (太極初段)
  • Heian shodan (平安初段)
  • Heian nidan (平安二段)
  • Heian sandan (平安三段)
  • Heian yondan (平安四段)
  • Heian godan (平安五段)
  • Bassai dai (披塞大)
  • Tekki shodan (鉄騎初段) 
  • Kanku dai (観空大)
  • Empi (燕飛)
  • Hangetsu (半月)
  • Jion (慈恩)
The first Shotokan kata students learn is Kihon kata. For a demonstration of this kata by Sensei Ohta, please see the following video: