Your Karate belt should be tied as follows: 

Code of conduct

  • Bow on entering and leaving the dojo (training area)
  • Address any teaching instructor as Sensei  whilst in the dojo
  • Oss  is a sign of respect, which is said especially in the following situations:
  • upon receiving any advice or command from the instructor
  • when bowing at the start and finish of class
  • when bowing to your training partner 
  • in any other appropriate situation, for example during gradings
Spectators including parents/guardians are kindly requested to watch from the seating area at the back of the class and are asked not to interfere with the class while it is in progress.

Although instruction in class is in English, Japanese terms are sometimes used. It is not at all necessary to learn these but, just to get you started, here are the most common terms that you might hear during class.

Japanese English
sensei teacher
oss yes / I understand
dojo training place
rei bow
sensei ni rei bow to sensei
hajime begin
yame stop
kibadachi horse stance
shotokan our style of karate
gi karate suit