About us

Our South London school was founded in 1989 and is still going strong with men, women, teens and young children training on Tuesday evenings at West Thornton Community Centre.  The classes are mixed ability sessions and are led by Sensei Morugan.

We teach and practise authentic Shotokan-style Karate and, indeed, our katas follow the traditional Shotokan system but the teaching syllabus extends beyond the strike-block curriculum that is normally found in Shotokan schools.

Our martial arts lineage, Mushidokai (ムシドウカイ), originates from Okinawan Japanese Karate and has strong influences from Japanese Jujistu demonstrated by, for example, the close-combat technical locks we practice.  These hand techniques are combined and complemented by footwork and kicking techniques, from sweeps and reaps to advanced spinning and jumping high kick strikes.